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New Mendocino Coast Trails Now Open!

Glide through Fort Bragg California’s spectacular coastal trails while riding on the newest version of the Segway, the Ninebot. See some of the most popular coastal destinations with an experienced tour guide. Stops on the tour include the Pudding Creek trestle, the famous Glass Beach, and a look into the history of the old mill site, and of Fort Bragg, CA. Surround and absorb yourself in nature along the dynamic Pacific Ocean while gaining valuable insight into the ecosystems in which we live. A 1.5-hour tour includes safety training and practice on the Ninebot Segway personal transportation device. Photo opportunities at many spots with the wild Pacific Ocean in the background are plentiful. We also cruise downtown to the Skunk Train Depot and then pass over the Pudding Creek Trestle for a spectacular view.

Depending on the season, you might be able to observe whales migrating along the Pacific Ocean. The Grey Whale migration begins in January through April with daily sightings along the trails. These cetaceans travel south from the arctic Alaska to lower Baja Mexico, to give birth. They then travel north with their calf and swim closer to shore to enable easy feeding. Traveling at speeds of three to four miles per hour, the Grey Whale migration of 10,000 miles, is the longest migration of any animal. Sightings are common along the coastal trails and tours will stop to admire and learn about these amazing creatures.

Scheduling is flexible. Call now to book a tour: (707) 357-1226 and (707) 962-3109.

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